Possibilities of support

Conditions of cooperation

• Amount of loan forgiveness contribution part is determined by the Ministry of Finance after negotiating with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs so that the conditions of the international rules are fulfilled and the level of minimum credit advantage attained at the level of 50%

• Contributions are covered from state budget expenditures, while being reported to the OECD as state development cooperation (ODA)

• EXIMBANKA SR, within the framework of tied trade scheme, covers the adjustment of interest rate differences and determines the extension of loan maturity

• Public purchaser in the country where benefit is or may be provided

• Export credit over 2 years

• Insurance possibility for business cases implemented in low-income countries

• Possibility of entering the territories which Slovak exporters could not enter so far, in case of interest to enter the state tenders, due to the necessity to provide advantageous conditions of financing


Principle of cooperation

Manufacturer supplier / SR

provides goods

State institution / AFG

Commercial bank / SR

financing the project


takes the risk and insures

Benefits of cooperation

• Using the unique form of state support of export

• EXIMBANKA SR takes over the exporter’s bank risks

• Reducing the risk of non-payment of export and domestic receivables

• Reducing the risk management costs

• Professional and high quality evaluation of foreign subjects

Model example of ON-GRID implementation

MV (22kV) Connection to the Grid utility system


on-grid PV = 500 kWp
on-grid PV = 1000 kWp
1. Project Yes Yes
2. Mounting system Yes Yes
3. PV Panels 275 Wp 1818 Pcs. 3636 Pcs.
4. MV/LV substantion, 22kV / 400V 1 Pcs. 1 Pcs.
5. Cables and installation material Yes Yes
6. PV inverters / Decentralized / 25 kW / 3 phase 20 Pcs. 40 Pcs.
7. LV AC part Combiner boxes 5 Pcs. 10 Pcs.
8. Ethernet comm. (inverters monitoring) 1 Pcs. 1 Pcs.
9. Revision Yes Yes
10. Instalation on the place & land works Yes Yes
11. Engineering & Set up & Commissioning Yes Yes
12. TAX / Fee Yes Yes
13. Delivery and transport / secure Yes Yes
TOTAL PRICE w/o VAT 772 900€ 1 461 300€
Price per 1kWp 1 546€ 1 461€
Area requirement (m²) 7 500 15 000

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